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OneAirSpace is a few years old and as a toddler is still growing.

Image of Karen SchultzMe - Karen Schultz, M.A. (University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Strategic Communication Program, Class of 2009)
  • Two-way communication fan: listen. feel. think. adapt. speak. (repeat.) know when to act.
  • Researcher: queen of the effective survey and data analysis
  • Speaker: spokesperson, event outreach, seminars, lectures
  • Writer: see the Home Page
  • Organizer: non-profit, union and for-profit
  • Marketer: business development
How do I get paid on a regular basis? Business Development Manager for Gage. That said, you know I'm going to ask you to check us out. Unified marketing offers innovative, cost-effective marketing solutions with measurable returns! Thoughts on the OneAirSpace site, however, are my own.

Re-tooled: Was once a flight attendant who traveled the world learning about cultures while offering my skills to non-profits and campaigns. Industry underwent crazy changes while I served my union. Went back to college. Helped a few friends out with their for-profit and political campaigns. Now, living another dream.

Others who will be posting: You - Are you interested in posting writings (quotes, blogs, etc.) that are industry/organization-specific? Click on our contact page to send your writing.

Who are you? I'm listening...

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